Keeping Your New Gold Necklace Damage-Free

8 June 2017
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


If you just purchased or were given a gold necklace to wear, you are most likely excited about donning it for special occasions. There are steps you will want to take to ensure your necklace remains in the best of condition. Here are some tips you can use to help in keeping your gold necklace flaw-free for years to come.

Store Your Jewelry Properly

Invest in a jewelry box or cabinet with small hooks for hanging necklaces. This will aid in keeping your pieces from becoming tangled. Drape your necklace over one of the hooks and make sure there are no other pieces of jewelry touching the necklace. This will also keep the necklace from obtaining kinks or bends.

Polish Your Gold To Keep It Looking New

Purchase a polish made especially for fine gold pieces of jewelry from a jeweler or home goods store. This can be applied to your necklace using a piece of dry microfiber cloth. Simply dab the cloth into the solution and wipe it gently across your necklace from end to end. If you use too much of the solution by accident, another piece of dry cloth can be used to wipe off any excess. Allow the necklace to dry in its entirety before you place it around your neck. Doing this procedure after you wear your necklace a few times will ensure it retains its pristine appearance.

Protect Your Necklace From Potential Theft

While you will most likely want to receive praise from others about the appearance of your necklace, it is a good idea to refrain from showing it off in places where you risk it getting stolen. If you wear your necklace while on a trip, it is best to place it in a safe after you remove it from your body. This way if someone was checking out your jewelry without your knowledge, there is less of a risk of it getting stolen when you take it off. Keeping your gold necklace in a safe at home is also a good idea if it has a high monetary value. Consider purchasing insurance to protect your monetary investment.

Watch Your Activities When Wearing Your Jewelry

It is best to avoid doing activities that could snag your necklace, ripping it away from your neck and breaking it as a result. Wear the piece of jewelry when you are not expected to engage in sports or strenuous physical labor. This will also keep it from becoming saturated from body oils if you sweat.

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