Pros And Cons Of Rolling Up The Cuffs Of Your Flannel Shirt

9 December 2019
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While flannel shirts are sometimes available in short-sleeved styles, it's more common to buy a flannel garment with long sleeves. This style of garment provides plenty of warmth and comfort when the conditions are cool, but you may occasionally be warm enough that you want to roll up your cuffs a little. Here are some pros and cons of rolling up the cuffs of your men's double pocket flannel shirt.

Pro: It Helps To Keep Them Clean

Rolling up the sleeves of your flannel shirt isn't just about helping you to cool off when you're warm. Doing so can also be useful for keeping the cuffs of the shirt clean, depending on what you're doing. If you're working in the kitchen, for example, the cuffs of your shirt could drag in whatever food you're preparing — forcing you to have to change the garment. Rolling them up even a few inches can avoid such an issue.

Con: They May Get Wrinkled

Many men who wear flannel shirts will roll up their cuffs for periods of time, and then roll them back down. In the above scenario, you might roll them up while cooking for a group of guests, and then roll them back down when you serve the meal. If you have your cuffs rolled up for a while, they may appear wrinkled once you roll them back down. The amount of wrinkling generally depends on the garment; when possible, try to wear wrinkle-free flannel.

Pro: The Shirt May Fit Better

If you received the flannel shirt as a gift, you obviously won't have tried it on before getting it. This means that the fit might not be perfect. If the sleeves are too long, they may get in the way. You can roll them up a little bit to transform how the flannel shirt fits on your body. Some men take this approach and never wear the cuffs at full length. This option may be appealing to you if you feel that you can improve the fit of the shirt in this manner.

Con: Doing So May Be Tight

Different flannel shirts have different sizes of cuffs. Some are looser, while others are on the tighter side. You may notice that rolling up the cuffs tightens them up — potentially to the point of them being uncomfortable. This scenario may discourage you from rolling up the cuffs, even if you want to. Fortunately, you may find that by unbuttoning the cuffs before you roll them up, you'll experience more comfort.