What Are They Doing? Carpet Installation Steps Explained

9 July 2021
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Hiring professionals to install your carpet is definitely the way to go. They have the skills and equipment to do a great job. But if you watch them as they work, you may notice that they do some strange, unexpected things. Don't worry — all of these seemingly weird carpet installation steps are actually normal. Understanding what the steps are and what their purpose is can help reassure you. 1: Installing a Boring-Looking, Flat Layer Read More 

Picking The Perfect Kitchen Faucet

23 April 2021
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When remodeling a kitchen, you expect choosing big items like your counters and cabinets to take time. But the little things like faucets? You might be surprised by how many options there really are. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of kitchen faucets out there, but with the tips below, choosing the perfect one will be easier than you think. 1. Look at the mid-priced end and up Read More 

3 Ways to Wear a Women’s Cropped Sweater

27 January 2021
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Cropped women's sweaters have been a wardrobe staple for more than 20 years. If you grew up during the '90s, you may remember Cher and her trendy crew rocked cropped tops in the hit movie Clueless. Since then, cropped sweaters have made an appearance at fashion shows, college campuses, and even some workplaces. If you think a cropped sweater deserves a spot in your closet but aren't sure how to wear this midriff-baring top, try the fun, fashionable ideas below. Read More