Four Silver Coins That Are Perfect For Beginning Collectors

27 December 2015
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Silver coins provide ample opportunities for fledgling coin collectors to try their wings. Even though many are no longer in circulation, they can often be found in old rolls of coins, in coin jars found in estates, and even in drawers of old furniture. Following are four examples of silver coins that can help get beginning coin collectors off to a great start. Barber Silver Dimes Barber dimes feature classical depictions of Lady Liberty on the front and and wreaths fashioned from sheaths of wheat, corn, oak, and maple leaves on the back. Read More 

4 Accessories Every New Rifle Owner Needs

17 October 2015
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If you have just purchased a hunting rifle, then you will also need to get a few accessories. These are important because they will help keep your rifle in safe, working condition. A rifle is a serious tool and it needs to be treated with respect. Part of that respect involves caring for it, safekeeping it, and using it safely. Here are the accessories you can use that will help you use your new rifle safely. Read More