4 Accessories Every New Rifle Owner Needs

17 October 2015
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If you have just purchased a hunting rifle, then you will also need to get a few accessories. These are important because they will help keep your rifle in safe, working condition. A rifle is a serious tool and it needs to be treated with respect. Part of that respect involves caring for it, safekeeping it, and using it safely.

Here are the accessories you can use that will help you use your new rifle safely.

Cleaning Kit

Your rifle will need to be cleaned. Specifically, the inner workings of the rifle need to be cleaned. The barrel will need to be periodically cleaned with special brushes. A rifle cleaning kit will come with brass brushes that fit inside the barrel and will scrub it. There will also be small mop-like brushes that are soft and used to polish the barrel after it has been cleaned out.

If you neglect to clean your rifle, it might misfire or jam. These can be very dangerous and potentially fatal.


You want to get a good quality rifle sling. This will help you carry the rifle while you are walking through the woods. It's not safe to walk with the rifle in your hand because you might trip and discharge the rifle.

You can choose either a decorative, braided leather sling, or a heavy-duty synthetic sling. The braided leather sling is a beautiful design, but it will need to be treated with oil to prevent it from cracking. The synthetic sling won't look as pretty, but you won't have to bother treating it with oil.

Gun Safe

You will also need a gun safe. It is not responsible to leave your rifle lying around your home. Even if you don't have children in the home, a guest or intruder might find it. So it's prudent to purchase a safe. While you can purchase a lock to attach to a soft rifle bag, it is better to go ahead and get a dedicated rifle safe. A soft rifle bag can be sliced open with a knife or carried out of the house. If you get a large, standing rifle safe, it won't be easy to open it or steal it.

Rifle Scope

A scope will help you focus your shooting. You never want to shoot blindly, even in the woods. With the naked eye you won't see if there are any homes, other hunters, or hikers in your line of fire. A scope will allow you to see if the coast is clear.