Four Silver Coins That Are Perfect For Beginning Collectors

27 December 2015
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Silver coins provide ample opportunities for fledgling coin collectors to try their wings. Even though many are no longer in circulation, they can often be found in old rolls of coins, in coin jars found in estates, and even in drawers of old furniture. Following are four examples of silver coins that can help get beginning coin collectors off to a great start.

Barber Silver Dimes

Barber dimes feature classical depictions of Lady Liberty on the front and and wreaths fashioned from sheaths of wheat, corn, oak, and maple leaves on the back. Barber dimes were issued between the years of 1892 and 1916. The value of individual coins is dependent on their condition. Naturally, uncirculated coins have a higher value than their counterparts that have been in circulation because they are in pristine condition. Barber dimes that are heavily worn are worth an average of two dollars on the open market, but they may be good investments because their value has the potential to increase in the coming years as the coins become increasingly rare.

Roosevelt Dimes

Roosevelt dimes were first minted in 1946 and are still created by the United States mint. However, the dimes created after the year 1965 contain significantly less silver than their earlier counterparts and are subsequently worth more money. As with other coins, values are higher among those that have not been circulated. Roosevelt dimes that were minted prior to 1965 are still somewhat common in circulation. When you receive dimes as change, be sure to inspect each one carefully to ascertain its date, and put any with dates of 1965 or less aside so that you can have a coin appraisal.

Peace Silver Dollars

Silver dollars are often easier to come by than dimes or quarters because many people collected them during the time that they were issued. These are often found in estates and sometimes in hidden compartments of antique furniture. Peace silver dollars were only minted between the years of 1921 and 1935, and they are virtually out of circulation. However, they were produced in abundance in their time.

Washington Quarters

Like Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters that were minted before 1965 contained significant amounts of silver. The majority of silver Washington quarters are no longer in circulation, however, but coin dealers still have ample supplies of them. An experienced coin dealer will be able to provide you with further advice on starting your silver coin collection. Contact a business, such as American Precious Metals Inc, if you have more questions about coin collecting.