Choosing A Glass Pipe For A Tobacco Connoiseur? Use These Tips

13 September 2017
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


When the pipe smoker in your life has a birthday or holiday coming up, a glass pipe can be a classy and thoughtful gift. However, as a nonsmoker yourself, you may face challenges when examining all the possibilities. Some search tips are below.

Choose Models with Built-In Carburetors

As a nonsmoker yourself, you may not know much about the way tobacco tastes and how the type of pipe you buy can affect it. Generally, for fresher smokes that don't taste stale or burnt, it's best to get a model with some kind of carburetor. A carburetor pushes more fresh, clean air throughout the pipe. Not all pipes have this component; ask about it specifically or confine your search to bubbler and spoon pipes.

Choose Small for Strongest Taste

The recipient of the glass pipe may have a preference for strong taste, in which case the pipe you select can have some effect on that. Pipes with small stems, such as chillum bowls, often pack the greatest punch because there's so little room between the bowl and mouthpiece. For mellower tastes, select pipes with longer stems.

Consider Glow Pipes

Glow pipes are often visually striking, and if you get one, it can be a real showstopper. You may be skeptical of the glowing properties, especially if it seems like glow in the dark paint has been used. The highest quality glow pipes are made from a unique type of glass that glows, and it doesn't require a light source. Therefore, they can be used as a regular pipe without worry that your friend or relative is inhaling paint or that it will chip away over time.

Look for Borosilicate Glass

All glass is not equal when selecting a pipe. Weak or cheap glass doesn't last long after repeated heat exposure. Select glass built to last. Borosilicate glass pipes use similar glass to that in the baking dishes you might use, which means they're durable and strong.

Remember Cleanup

Be considerate and remember that your pipe-smoking friend or relative will periodically need to clean debris, tar, and leftover tobacco out of the pipe's bowl. Pipes with larger bowls don't have to be cleaned as often due to larger surface area. Keep that in mind if you want to save them time.

Once you've purchased the perfect glass pipe, your pipe aficionado will thank you. If they like it, you can continue to buy them all different kinds so that they have a collection.