Floor Covered, Heat Out: 3 Area Rug Materials for Summer

30 May 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


When summer comes, the last thing you want to do is layer your house with warm, heavy fabrics — especially if you spend time laying on those fabrics, like on an area rug. However, that doesn't mean that you want your home decor to be totally bare from May to September, either. So if you're looking for a few material ideas for your area rugs this summer, here are a handful that will keep your home looking sharp without trapping too much heat in.

1. Bamboo

All-natural, eco-friendly, and far more comfortable than you might think, bamboo is a great summer fabric not only for its plant connotations (it fits the growing season so well!) but also because it refuses to trap heat inside of it. Bamboo rugs are easily movable and can be even more easily stored if you have to move furniture around to accommodate company — they roll right up and can be stashed away.

Bamboo rugs from a company like Carpet Discount Warehouse don't attract dust mites, so they're friendly to those with dust mite allergies, and are incredibly easy to clean if someone spills something on them — just wipe them down with a damp rag. They're also fire- and insect-resistant, which makes them a great choice if you live in a more tropical environment where bugs flourish.

2. Nylon

Another light, breathable material, nylon is a great choice if you can't quite give up a fabric rug but you want to stay away from thick cotton or heavy wool. Nylon rugs come in pretty much any color you could think of and can be cleaned easily by shoving it in the washing machine.

Perhaps best of all for the summer, nylon is incredibly durable, and so it can handle the increased foot traffic that comes with summer parties and get-togethers without losing its shape or color. It also resists dirt and crumbs being ground into it, which is good news if you have any little ones (or clumsy relatives) lurking about.

3. Jute

Probably the least well-known area rug material on this list, jute is a type of natural fiber that makes for a durable rug perfect for low-moisture areas such as your living room or entertainment room. Jute can be woven into different patterns and shapes, making it incredibly versatile as well as cool and refreshing.

Jute is also very soft, making it a great choice for a rug that you'll want to stand and sit on, and, while brown naturally, jute can be dyed a variety of colors.