Cozy Up To Candle Lanterns: Why Candle Lanterns Make Great Gifts For The Home

7 September 2018
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Who doesn't wish that their home was more inviting? Nearly every person wants their friends and family to feel welcome when they come for a visit. Candle lanterns make a home more inviting and make perfect gifts for any occasion. You can either gift a lantern on its own and include a list of helpful ways to use it or add a few small accent items along with your lantern gift to make it even more special. 

What's so great about candle lanterns?

Whether your home décor is rustic or contemporary, candle lanterns work well with any design style. Lanterns are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit any taste. You don't have to spend a fortune, and small lanterns work as well as larger ones if a living space is small.

Lanterns in the kitchen

A candle lantern makes a lovely table centerpiece, and you can dress it up to celebrate each season of the year. Place the lantern in a small wooden tray or on a large plate. Surround the lantern with colorful leaves, acorns, and miniature gourds in the fall. Use pine sprigs and berries for a colorful winter centerpiece. Fresh-picked daisies and lavender will make a perfect spring and summer decoration for any kitchen table or countertop.

Lanterns in the bathroom

Bathrooms don't have to be boring. A small candle lantern placed on the bathroom vanity can pull triple duty. It will bring a touch of ambient beauty to the often neglected room. Using a flameless candle in the lantern turns it into an attractive night light for those late-night trips to the bathroom. Using a scented candle in the lantern makes a nice bathroom air freshener.

Lanterns in the living room                                                                                           

Flameless candle lanterns can be used as bookends. They will brighten up a dark bookcase and highlight a favorite collection of books. Place three candle lanterns in different shapes and sizes inside an unused living room fireplace to make a cozy focal point in the room. Again, you can add some greenery and small decorative items to change the look from season to season.

Lanterns in the bedroom

Candle lanterns make perfect bedroom partners. The addition of one or more lanterns is all it takes to fill your special place of rest with a soothing ambiance. Use a large candle lantern on a nightstand, instead of a lamp, for a softer lighting option. A handful of flower petals inside the lantern is a quick way to add instant romance to a room.

A candle lantern gift is a gift that keeps on giving. Lanterns will work well with any gift recipient's decorating style. And everyone will enjoy adding a candle lantern to any room of their home and enjoy an instant transformation of their living space. Contact a shop like St Michel's Gifts for more information about lanterns.