Are You Decorating Your Living Room?

2 November 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


Have you decided that now is the time to decorate or to redecorate your living room? Perhaps you have slowly been buying furniture for the rest of your house, and you have saved the living room for last. After all, if your home has a family room, you have more than likely been using that room for family gatherings and for entertaining your friends. With the holidays coming soon, perhaps you have decided that you want to go ahead with the purchase of items that will add beauty to the living room. From selecting a vintage Moroccan rug to add drama to the living room to choosing your furniture pieces, here are some ideas that might help you as you decorate your living room.

A Vintage Moroccan Rug - Even if your living room already has carpeting in it, can you imagine how gorgeous the room will look with the addition of a vintage Moroccan rug? Or, it might be that you have a tile floor or a wooden floor and you want to add warmth and extra drama to the living room. A vintage Moroccan rug is more than likely one of the best purchases you'll make to beautify your living room. Think of choosing the rug even before you purchase your furniture. By doing so, you can select upholstery fabric that will complement the Moroccan rug you buy. Consider buying a vintage Moroccan rug that has a colorful pattern as the design. With proper care, your Moroccan rug will last for many years and it will give your living room a very unique look, so your money will have been well spent. 

Your Furniture Selection - One good thing about selecting a vintage Moroccan rug is that all types of furniture will go well with it. For example, if you love the look of contemporary furniture, those sleek and simple pieces will complement the rug. If you want to establish an eclectic feeling in your living room, a vintage Moroccan rug will truly add drama to the eclectic look you want to create. If you choose traditional furniture with fabric upholstery, consider selecting upholstery fabric that complements the colors in the Moroccan rug you select. For example, if you want a dramatic look in your living room, select a bold color, say turquoise or brick red, that is also in the rug. If you want a more subtle look in your living room, choose a subtle color from the rug's design.