Pros And Cons Of Having An Antique Gold Watch Fixed Before You Sell It

2 January 2019
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If you belong to the type of family that hands down special mementos from generation to generation, it's possible that you might be in possession of several antique pieces of jewelry and other personal items. While you may favor keeping these items in the family, it's also possible that you could look to sell them to earn some cash. If you have a gold watch that you believe to be an antique, the good news is that it may contain actual gold. The timepiece can be worth a lot of money to the right buyer, which could either be someone who deals in gold or in watches. If the watch doesn't run, and you're thinking about getting it fixed before selling it, here are some pros and cons.

Pro: You May Sell It For More

While some gold buyers will definitely want your watch even if it doesn't work, it's conceivable that they'll offer you less money for it. That's because if they want to resell it, they'll need to invest in getting the watch in running order. If you make the effort to fix the timepiece before you attempt to sell it, you'll probably be looking at making more in the sale.

Con: You Have A Hassle

While you might make more when you sell the fixed gold watch, you'll also have the hassle of finding a suitable watch repair professional. If the watch is of considerable value, you don't want to trust the work to just anyone. This can mean that you need to invest time and effort to find the right repair professional and take the watch to him or her.

Pro: It Could Sell Faster

While there will be a delay in selling the gold watch while you wait to have it fixed, you'll probably be able to sell the timepiece quicker once you're ready to do so. Certain buyers may shy away from buying a watch that doesn't run, even if it has value, which means that the watch will be more widely appealing once it's in working condition.

Con: There's A Risk Of Hurting The Value

In most cases, the watch will be worth more when it runs than when it doesn't. However, modern-day repairs to antique items can sometimes affect the value if the repair technician isn't particularly qualified for this type of work. For example, if the technician were to remove certain original pieces of the watch to upgrade them for newer pieces, this could affect the value.

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