Water Fountain Decor Ideas

7 May 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


Whether you want to treat a nature-loving friend or loved one to a unique gift for their home, or would like to beautify your own personal space, water fountain decor may be your answer. The fountains are available in a range of sizes and styles to fit your particular needs. 

Indoor water fountains are a lot smaller than their outdoor counterparts, but can add the same amount of serenity and calmness to a room. They're typically compact enough to fit on a tabletop of your choice, and plug in to a wall outlet to create a continuous flow of water that is soothing to both look at and listen to.

You can put a water fountain in any space that you'd like to add a relaxing touch to, such as a living room, bedroom, or den. They will also add a spa-like feel to a bathroom, pool area, or screened porch. If you want to put the fountain in an outdoor area, such as a patio or front porch, you can choose a battery-operated one instead. 

Water fountains, which emulate the peaceful sounds of a bubbling spring or a running stream, also make thoughtful gift ideas for any special occasion or event, such as as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, housewarming parties, and bridal showers. The fountains are ideal baby shower presents as well, since they'll make soothing additions to baby nurseries.

Here are some indoor water fountain decor ideas to consider.

1. Cascading Fountains

Cascading fountains feature several receptacles, allowing water to flow from one to another on the way down. Not only does this make a nice visual presentation, it also allows for maximum relaxing water sounds as well.

You can find these styles in a variety of designs, such as flower-shaped receptacles for garden lovers or simple bowl-shaped versions for a more modern look. Fountains are available in a wide array of metals, such as copper or silver, as well as stone.

2. Animal-Shaped Fountains

Delight an animal lover with an indoor water fountains in the shape of her favorite animal or creature, such as a dog, cat, horse, frog, ladybug or bird. These fountains are typically available in either rustic-looking stone or metal or vibrantly hued painted versions.

For example, you can find a fountain that looks just like the recipient's or your beloved pet, down to the fur and eye color. You can even choose to have it personalized with the animal's name if you wish. This is an especially caring way to commemorate a pet that has passed.