The Benefits Of Flat Extension Cords

16 June 2019
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If you have an extension cord or two that is fraying and in need of replacement, you might be about to run to the store for a replacement. But before you pick the first extension cord you see on the shelf, there is one solution here that you might not have considered. Today, it's possible to get an extension cord that is "flat" in shape as opposed to the more traditional round cable. Here's why going with flat extension cords might be the right choice for you and your family or business.

Flat Extension Cords Are Easier to Hide

Because of the narrow width, it is much easier to put a flat extension cord out of site and out of mind. You can run a flat extension cord right up against a wall, and you might not even notice it's there if the color matches your paint or floorboard. Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars are an epic-looking home theater setup but then have a bunch of cords and cables going everywhere? If aesthetics is important to you, flat extension cords are the way to go. After the initial setup, you can focus on enjoying your electronics without worrying about how it's all hooked up.

Prevent a Tripping Accident at Home 

Do you have a growing family? If you have some toddlers running around, you might be nervous about one of them running into an extension cord and either falling on their face or yanking your valuable electronics right out of your home entertainment center and onto the floor. Flat cords are easier to hide and remove from an area of high traffic, but these cords can also help prevent a tripping accident even if you are leaving them out in the open. A flat cord doesn't stick out as much a round one, and you may be able to tape it to the ground with greater ease.

Prevent a Tripping Accident at Work

If you will be investing in some flat extension cords not for your home but for your workplace, you will find similar benefits are available. You'll be able to keep your sales floor or warehouse free of tripping hazards that could lead to a lawsuit or a worker's compensation claim.

If it's time to replace your extension cords, consider going with the flat variety instead of the more traditional round version. Doing so might improve the aesthetics of your home or workplace and could also help prevent a bad accident. Contact an extension cord provider like Americord cord adapters today for more details.