Flower Arrangements: Mourning With Those Who Mourn

15 October 2019
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An expertly crafted floral arrangement has the ability to express words that cannot be uttered. The beauty of flower services can sink into a wounded heart and shed some light and empathy. There are many reasons why someone would appreciate some flowers. Frequently flowers are bought quickly when a gift is expected and time is short. Instead of purchasing a thoughtless gift, flowers can be a way to mourn with those who mourn. Here are a few situations when flower arrangements are the perfect thing to give.

An Anniversary of Loss

One of the hardest days for people who have lost a loved one is the anniversary of the day they passed away. The date may just be a number on the calendar to some, but to them, it is a day riddled with pain, grief, and loss. While most of the time these days go unnoticed by others, getting a floral arrangement is a wonderful way to show your love and support to these people. Flowers show that you remember, that you are with them in thought, and that you support them. Some concerned friends and family members send flowers year after year on the same day, in an act of love.

Celebration of Life

Another challenging day is the birthday of an individual who has passed away. This is true for both an elderly person that has passed away as well as a child. After celebrating someone for so many years, it can be extremely difficult to have their birthday come and not have them with you. If the departed person is a child, their birthday is the memory of what could have been. Having a small floral arrangement can comfort parents on this challenging day.

Hard Days

Sometimes people just need a little reminder that they are not alone. You know your friends. You know what days could be hard for them; the anniversary of a divorce, the anniversary of an accident that left permanent health problems, the day that they failed an entrance exam. Floral arrangements can help your loved ones to feel support in the current feelings they have, as well as hope that the future could be better. 

In conclusion, any day could be a good day for flowers. Think about the person you are sending the arrangement to, and how they could be feeling. Empathize with them through a floral arrangement. They will be so grateful that you did.