Why You Might Want To Consider Tungsten For Your Wedding Ring

13 February 2020
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When it comes to wedding rings for women, everyone knows that a ring with a diamond on it is pretty much a necessity. But men have other options when it comes to material choice for their own wedding ring. You could go with platinum, silver, gold and more. But today, one type of material that is becoming more and more popular with men everywhere when it comes to wedding rings is tungsten. Here's why you might want to reach out to a seller of designer tungsten wedding rings today for more information.

 If You Want Scratch Resistant, Tungsten is the Way to Go

If you live an active lifestyle, you might be concerned about your wedding ring picking up a scratch or two as you go about your day. But a ring that is crafted from tungsten (specifically tungsten carbide) is designed to be one of the most durable wedding rings that money can buy. We can't guarantee that nothing will ever happen, of course, but tungsten is widely recognized as a scratch-resistant material within the jewelry industry. Talk to your local jeweler for details and they will likely confirm this fact. This will allow you to keep your wedding ring on in situations where other types of rings would be at a greater risk of sustaining a scratch.

It's Affordable

It should be no secret that a gold wedding band is going to cost a pretty penny. Even platinum or silver can get up there in price if you want something elaborate or custom for your ring. Tungsten, on the other hand, is widely respected as an affordable wedding ring material. To be clear, affordable does NOT mean cheap. Tungsten still has a nice, heavyweight to it that offers the same kind of premium feel on your finger that a gold band might, just at a lower cost. Let's face it, gentlemen: You probably already dropped a sizable amount of money on her ring. Get yourself a ring that will look nice without breaking the bank.

Easy to Remove

If you've ever run into a guy trying to take off a gold wedding band in the gym or before going into the pool, you know that gold and some other materials can become "stuck" when left on a finger for a long time and might be difficult to pull off. Tungsten does not have this problem and should come off rather easily with a firm tug.

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