Purchase Costume Jewelry And Resell It

29 July 2022
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Vintage costume jewelry is fashionable and highly regarded by those who would like to accent their wardrobe or own some pieces that their favorite costume jewelry designer has marketed. Purchasing costume pieces in bulk and then flipping the jewelry for profit can be a lucrative hobby that you can get started with from the comfort of your home. 

Learn About The Designers

Costume jewelry designers may market different types of costume jewelry that contain various rhinestones, clasp types, and engravings. Researching various costume designers and familiarizing yourself with the ones who make jewelry that is highly regarded can be helpful.

After you learn about some jewelry designers, you can use this information to guide you in making smart investments. Quality costume jewelry will contain sturdy clasps and settings. Some pieces may contain real gold or silver plating, a series of stones, and other quality features. 

Purchase In Bulk And Create Listings

A liquidation sale or estate sale may provide you with the opportunity to pick up a large volume of jewelry. Someone who is willing to unload jewelry quickly may market their wares for a flat fee. Some sellers may also auction off their jewelry. Pieces that are being sold in bulk may be advertised as a lot of jewelry that contains an assortment of jewelry styles. Use your judgment, when deciding if a particular group of jewelry will be worth the investment.

Once you have made a purchase, sort through the pieces. Identify the costume jewelry maker for each piece. Create individual listings for the pieces that you would like to sell. Take photos of the jewelry, being careful to acquire a clear photograph of both sides of a particular piece. Publish your listings online or in a local newspaper. 

Prepare A Sales Plan

Your sales plan can include the manner in which you intend to ship the jewelry pieces to the people who purchase them from you and the method that you will use to invest in more costume jewelry. The amount of money that you make could influence how much you will decide to spend on new costume jewelry pieces. Designate one portion of the money to put into savings.

Designate another amount of money for the purchase of more costume jewelry. Keep records of each financial transaction that you make. Record information about the vintage costume jewelry buyers who you do business with. These people may be willing to make multiple purchases from you. Having access to their contact information will allow you to reach out to each one when you are ready to sell some new costume jewelry pieces.