3 Safety Razor Set Accessories Ideal For Thick Facial Hair

25 October 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


Ideally, a shave to your face should include smooth actions with a safety razor that glides and painlessly removes hair. However, for someone with thick stubby hair, the process can include a lot of pulls and pain while you shave. When you purchase a safety razor set, you want to check out the accessories that come with the set.

Specific accessories can help make the shave feel smooth and comfortable. Check out the options to look for and completely transform the way you shave your face.

1. Pre-Shave Oil

Thick and stiff hairs can easily get stuck in a razor. As you pull the razor away, the hairs will pull with it and cause pain. You can help reduce the pain with some pre-shave oil. Gently massage the oil into your facial hair before you shave. The oil will naturally soften up the hair and make the shave go a lot smoother. If you have specific areas where you have thicker hair, then simply apply a little extra oil.

After you finish your shave, gently wash your face to remove any excess oil.

2. Shaving Soap

As an alternative to shaving cream, try shaving soap. Lather up a shaving soap in warm water and create some suds in your hands. Rub the suds all over the hair on your face. The mix of warm water and soap suds will really help soften the hair and the skin. The shave won't feel as rough and you won't have to deal with any pull or tug of the razor.

When you shop for shaving soap, look for a wide range of sizes, including larger bars or small pieces ideal for travel.

3. Shaving Balm

The removal of thick hair on your face can create a lot of stinging afterward. Help alleviate the pain with some shaving balm. The thick lotion-like balm will soak into your skin and help reduce any itchiness, burning, or redness. When you purchase a set with the balm, the balm scents will typically match the same scents found in the oil and soap.

Typically, one squirt of the balm will help, but it all depends on how much your face reacts to each shave. The gentle rubbing of the balm will create some natural warmth and blood flow to the area to help as well.

Shop around to find safety razor sets that include a wide variety of accessories. Once you find the combination you enjoy, you can purchase the set each time you need to replenish.