Vending Machines—Installation Tips For Business Owners

13 June 2023
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


Adding a vending machine to your workplace is a great way to generate consistent profits. Employees and clients will pay you money in exchange for snacks. If you've already purchased one, here are some installation tips to review.

Hire a Competent Installer 

You probably won't handle vending machine installation because it can be pretty involved. For instance, you must choose the perfect location and ensure the machine is safe before letting people use it. Professional installation is the way to go. Just find a competent installer you can trust throughout the machine's setup. 

In addition to the installer having certifications, licenses, and insurance, they also should have a straightforward installation process that you can review before hiring them. There should be detailed notes on each stage, including how the company plans to get the machine inside your building and how they'll support it once inside. 

Choose a Location That's Easy to Access

One of your main goals with a vending machine may be to generate as much profit as possible each month. In that case, choose an appropriate location for the vending machine. Every business owner's selection will vary based on the layout of their building.

What locations in your property are the easiest for everyone to access? It might be the front entrance or near the side where many people enter. Study your property's layout extensively until you know which location will best serve your vending machine side hustle for years and years. 

Stock the Vending Machine Appropriately Post-Installation

Once your company's vending machine gets set up, now comes time to stock it with snacks. Have a plan for what you keep in stock so that people who use the vending machine are happy with your selections.

How do you know which snacks to choose over others, though? It depends on foods that can sell the best, so you get a great return on your investment. Research the market—seeing what snacks are the most popular—and then stock the vending machine accordingly. 

A lot of companies decide to put vending machines in their buildings because these machines allow them to generate money and give customers/clients added value. If you want to maximize your vending machine, take your time planning out its installation. Eventually, you'll choose the perfect place and configure the vending machine to where it becomes a worthwhile investment that your company can always look to for profits. 

Contact a local vending machine installation service to learn more.