Three Places To Use Cheap Rugs In Your Home

22 August 2023
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When you're thinking about adding area rugs to a few different spots throughout your home, the cost of each rug will be something to consider. Area rugs can vary a lot in price. While some of these rugs can be quite expensive, others are very affordable. If you're thinking about putting a rug in an area where it will sustain a lot of wear and perhaps even some damage, it can make sense to choose a product that is on the more affordable side. This way, you won't be upset if the rug becomes damaged. Here are three places in your home where you may wish to use a cheap area rug.


If you often find yourself working on projects or pursuing hobbies in your garage, it's worthwhile to think about placing an area rug in this space. Most garages have cement floors, which can not only be hard to stand on but can also feel cold on your feet. An area rug will add softness and some insulation beneath your feet. This isn't generally a place for a pricey rug, though. Given that you might spill paint and other substances, as well as get dirt from your shoes on the rug, it makes sense to choose a cheap rug that you won't worry about damaging.

Dog Room

Many people have a room in their home that they use for their dog. You might confine your dog to this space when you're away from the house, for example, especially when the dog is still a puppy. An area rug can provide a comfortable surface for the dog to sleep on, but it's generally not a good idea to buy anything too pricey. A bored dog might chew the edges of the area rug, which would be the last thing you'd want if you spent a lot of money on it. This can be another good spot for a low-cost rug.


People who own RVs often put small area rugs on the floor as a way to protect the vehicle's flooring. During a trip, your family will be in and out of the RV countless times, which means that your shoes may carry various types of dirt and debris into the space. It's easy to occasionally remove an area rug, shake it out thoroughly, and replace it. At the end of the season, you'll be pleased that the floor of the RV has a pristine appearance because of the area rug. Shop online for a cheap area rug to use in one of these spots.

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