Pros And Cons Of Rolling Up The Cuffs Of Your Flannel Shirt

9 December 2019
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While flannel shirts are sometimes available in short-sleeved styles, it's more common to buy a flannel garment with long sleeves. This style of garment provides plenty of warmth and comfort when the conditions are cool, but you may occasionally be warm enough that you want to roll up your cuffs a little. Here are some pros and cons of rolling up the cuffs of your men's double pocket flannel shirt. Read More 

Flower Arrangements: Mourning With Those Who Mourn

15 October 2019
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An expertly crafted floral arrangement has the ability to express words that cannot be uttered. The beauty of flower services can sink into a wounded heart and shed some light and empathy. There are many reasons why someone would appreciate some flowers. Frequently flowers are bought quickly when a gift is expected and time is short. Instead of purchasing a thoughtless gift, flowers can be a way to mourn with those who mourn. Read More 

The Benefits Of Flat Extension Cords

16 June 2019
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If you have an extension cord or two that is fraying and in need of replacement, you might be about to run to the store for a replacement. But before you pick the first extension cord you see on the shelf, there is one solution here that you might not have considered. Today, it's possible to get an extension cord that is "flat" in shape as opposed to the more traditional round cable. Read More